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private edition LA REPRISE
2003.05  Brought to you by :  René Després, Financial Planner         
Autonomous Partner to Le Groupe Langevin         
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Heard at the 7 pm daily news recap "…and he left $11 million to the Research Institute on Life Extension after death…"  Just a few words caught without really paying attention amid the daily flow of information.

And to get back to the short story with which we opened, a highly mediatized event, this gift, made by the retired director of a research centre, will, for all intents and purposes, cancel the tax that would have been deducted from the estate. And, in addition to being  tax-deductible, this gift will benefit all humankind, all this thanks to a strategic recommendation based on comprehensive, healthy financial planning. 


1956 – 1961 – 1965 – 1969 – 1973 – 1981 – 1987 – 1990 – 2000 –

 What do these vintages have in common?

With 1987 on the list, one first thinks of the « stock exchange crash », which some will term a « major correction » to gloss over what might look like the plot of a scary movie. And yet…

The 1987 bear market only lasted 3 months, with a 34% drop, quite mild compared to the Great Depression of the 30’s, which lasted 33 months, the longest bear market in history, and recorded an 86% drop.

We are closing on 36 consecutive months of bear markets, and the index has dropped by about 45%.  (As of March 31, 2003).

Nobody can predict the future, but the situation looks interesting, to say the least…

Since 1950, the average bull market has lasted 57 months, with an 19.4% annual increase, while bear markets lasted 14 months with an average drop of 25.7%.

The S&P500, going from 17 in 1950 to 879 in 2002, grew by 5,070%. From 1982 to 2002, the S&P500 rose from 102 to 879, a little over 779%.

The obvious question comes to mind: are we about to reach the stock market turnaround point?  It goes without saying, as this brief analysis shows, that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. In the near future, are we going to break the record for the longest bear market or finally reach long-hoped for market optimism? One thing for sure, the more things change… You guessed it… But the key is to take action.

You may be asking yourself; “Yeah, but tripling your money in 3 minutes, that may be pushing it a bit…”.  And the answer is yes.
  Make the calculations.  Think about it: if this $11 million did not cost anything, and if, in addition, the estate gets the full amount, isn’t that exciting? When it comes to your estate, every dollar counts. Large or small, it deserves all your attention. It will only have taken you about three minutes to think about your goal and to take action. 

By - René Després

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